Help your users understand their sales and support calls faster

Wordcab’s API adds customizable call summaries to applications, so your users can revisit conversations in a fraction of the time.

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              import wordcab
  summary_id = "summary_1234567890"
  summary_length = 1

If your customer can’t quickly review what happened on specific calls, how can they learn from them?

When your customer wants to truly understand what’s happening in their calls, they need to review thousands of past conversations. If they don’t have the time—or the tools—to do it, they’ll miss out on important insights.

Your customers need a quick, accurate summary of every call. But adding this capability to your software is easier said than done.

Your users need just the right amount of information.

If your summaries give too much or too little details, users won’t find them helpful for getting insights about their calls.

Plus, summaries need to be topic-sensitive.

Your users are discussing specific issues and challenges. A practical summarizing solution needs to zero in on the exact topics discussed

Perhaps you’ve tried building your own solution.

If so, you’ll know that creating accurate summaries—with the right level of detail—requires long-term investment in highly specialized data and AI models.

Wordcab lets you generate call summaries at scale and add them to any application

Connect to our API to build applications that integrate call summaries
Take any audio file or text transcript and turn it into an easy-to-read call summary
Save your users thousands of hours each month when they review calls

Adjustable Summary Length Customize the level of detail in your users’ call summaries

Wordcab's API gives you the option of five different summary levels, ranging from most simple to most detailed. Integrate all five and let customers choose between them, or just use the one summary level that’s appropriate for your tool.

Focused Summaries Let users summarize specific topics in their calls

When users enter a prompt or keyword, Wordcab can create a summary of what was said about that topic. So your users’ call summaries always focus on the most important issues.

Reports See the time users save with Wordcab API

As the developer or application owner, you’ll see helpful metrics in the Wordcab dashboard. Get a handy readout of the time your users are saving by reading summaries instead of call transcripts.

Here’s how Wordcab can help you

While your platform identifies trends in conversations, your users still need to revisit individual calls - speed things up with an accurate call summary that sounds human.

“We were looking for a strong differentiating feature for our conversation intelligence solution, and found the perfect fit with Wordcab's call summary API. Our customers love it. High-quality, accurate summaries that add a lot of value to our platform.”
- Tom Lavery, CEO of Jiminny

Agents can use summaries to understand customer call histories at-a-glance. And supervisors can quickly find the most relevant calls when training their agents.

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“Just a couple of lines of code and Wordcab doubled the value our customers derive from Enthu.AI. The integration was super easy & quick and readily fit in with our workflows and tech stack.”
- Tushar Jain, CEO at Enthu.AI

Automate your internal note-taking process by pushing audio or transcript files directly to Wordcab’s API, and then sending call summaries to your CRM.

“Wordcab is transformative for the productivity world. It saves us a lot of time listening to sales calls, and now it's just a couple of minutes a day reading summaries.”
- Adi Azaria, CEO at Workiz

Provide customers with summaries of their events, with automatically generated descriptions of keynotes, panels, interviews and more.

Get customizable summaries in 3 simple steps

  1. Send your transcript or audio file via our simple API
  2. Poll the API or get a webhook when your summaries are complete
  3. Customize your summaries by changing their level of detail. Or run Focused Summaries on transcripts to zero in on specific topics in the conversation.
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              import wordcab

summary_id = wordcab.summarize.(
  display_name = "My Call Summary"
  summary_lengths = "1,3,5"
  transcript = [
    "Joe: Hey Jill!",
    "Jill: How are you Joe?"

  summary_id = summary_id
  summary_length = 1
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We provide you with advanced data security

Enterprise-grade security systems mean your data is safe with us. You can manually or automatically delete any personal data from our servers after every API request. And we don't just follow best practices - Wordcab is SOC 2 Type 2 certified, and our systems are designed to be GDPR compliant.

Vanta SOC2 Type 2 badge SOCforServiceOrganizations|ServiceOrganizationsAICPASOCaicpa.org/soc4so

Features coming soon…

Multiple Languages
Wordcab currently summarizes in English, with Spanish, Italian, and French in development.
Emotion Analysis
Show users what emotions were displayed in conversation, over one or multiple calls.
One-Line Summaries
Your users will be able to see a single-line summary of what was discussed in a call.

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