Summarizing Your Transcripts in Wordcab

In this guide, we'll walk you through uploading and summarizing your exported transcript using Wordacab's web app and API.

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Exporting Your Transcript

Before you can upload your transcript, you need to make sure it's properly formatted.

In the web app, head to your transcript's editing page, make sure all speaker labels are in place, and click on the Export Text option.

Choose TXT as the export format and leave all the options as they are (see image below). Then, click Continue. We're how ready to summarize!

Uploading with the UI

To upload your downloaded transcript using the Wordcab web app, start by clicking on the "Upload Transcript" button on the left or right side bars.

Choose, and then upload the .txt file we downloaded in the previous step. Click Summarize Transcript and you should have a summary in no time.

Uploading with the API

Uploading your .txt transcript with Python is really simple. Just make sure to include the source query parameter and assign it "otter" as a value.

import requests

endpoint = "" # <= Slash required
apikey = "YOUR_API_KEY"

file_name = "your_transcript.txt"
file_path = f"/path/to/your/file/{file_name}"

display_name = "Transcript Example"
source = "otter" # <= important
only_api = "false" # <= "false" is the default only_api value

files = {
    "transcript": open(file_path, "rb")
params = {
    "apikey": apikey,
    "display_name": display_name,
    "source": source,
    "only_api": only_api

r =, params=params, files=files)
job_name = r.json()["job_name"]


You'll receive a job_name that you can use to poll your summarization job. Once the job is complete, the same request will output a structured summary, transcript, and other useful data.

import requests

endpoint = "" # <= Slash optional
# OR endpoint = ""

params = {
    "apikey": apikey,
    "job_name": job_name,
    "summary_len": 3 # <= Defaults to 3, accepts value of 1-5

r = requests.get(endpoint, params=params)
. . .

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