Accelerate transcript turnaround time with AI

Wordflo helps automate boring tasks that slow down transcription teams.


  • Transcription and translation in 20 major languages.
  • Speaker splitting, automatic attribution, and speaker reassignment.
  • Industry-specific terminology detection and auto-correction.

Transcript Editor

  • Streamlined transcript editor based off a decade of editing experience.
  • Synced audio and text redaction.
  • Shortcuts for every important action.
  • Natural language search in and across transcripts.

Intelligent Automation

  • Remove fluff and disfluencies with a single toggle.
  • Automatically recalculate timestamps after major edits.
  • Automatically regenerate table of contents after major edits.

A transcript editor customized to your industry

Wordflo can be customized to accelerate transcription workflows in high-impact industries, adapting to use cases such as expert networks, legal, medical, transcription, and data labeling.

  • Expert

    Wordflo is built for QA and compliance teams at expert networks that need fast turnaround times during due diligence projects. Our quality of life features help automate actions that used to waste precious time before. Stop worrying about adjusting timestamps or the table of contents after every major edit, sync text and audio edits perfectly, and surface details like chatter, disfluencies, and PII.

  • Courts
    & Legal

    With a single toggle, Wordflo can transcribe depositions verbatim, and even export transcripts with specific character and spacing requirements. The Wordflo experience is designed for a fast, pleasant editing experience that easily lets you reassign speakers to words, sentences, or utterances.

  • Medical

    Wordflo proprietary post-processing workflow automatically detects difficult industry terms, such as unreleased drugs, diseases, acronyms, and other tricky medical terminology. Our auto-correction workflow then automatically corrects these terms. This saves tremendous time, allowing users to jump into a transcript that already has corrected medical terms.

  • Transcription

    Transcription companies looking to dramatically speed up their turnaround time can leverage Wordflo’s streamlined editor and intelligent automations to quickly produce perfect transcripts per customer requirements. Whether your customer requires verbatim transcripts with audio cues, or clean transcripts without disfluencies, chatter, or operator speech, Wordflo can be easily customized to each use case.

  • Data

    Labeling transcripts and producing diarization datasets has always been a painful task. Wordflo is able to act as a data labeling platform by converting comments to structured JSON that could then be fed into other data labeling platforms or a CSV that can be used directly for model training.

Powerful integrations to automate your transcription workflow

Secure, enterprise-ready storage in our cloud or yours

Enterprise-grade security systems mean your audio and transcript data is safe with us. You can manually or automatically delete any personal data from our servers after every transcription job. Wordflo is SOC 2 Type 2 certified, and we’re aiming for GDPR and HIPAA compliance in Q2 2024.